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My banjolele and I are going big time!

Okay okay, I’m not quitting my day job (what’s my job again…) but I am Featuring this Monday at the Hotel Utah open mic! It’s gonna be a great night and a lot of talented folk will be playing there. So if you happen to be in the bay area come check it out.


Monday 7/9 at 7:45 PM – 12 PM
Van Gypsy goes on at 10pm.

Hotel Utah Saloon
500 4th St, San Francisco, California 94107

You can find more details here:
Facebook Event: Open Mic at Hotel Utah feat. Van Gypsy (thats me)!


And if you want to check out more of my music, the host at the Utah, Brendan, is nice enough to post them here:

Or you can go straight to Loki’s Song posted on!

Loki in the Wild
Here's a tribute to my travel pal who passed away in November. Can't help but remember all the goofy things he used to do. Hope you get a glimpse of it through this song. Enjoy!