Tattoo Timelapse: Memorializing Loki the Adventure Dog

getting new ink

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Each one of my tattoos has a lot of meaning to me. They represent a part of my life that I want to remember. Not necessarily the moments themselves but what I have learned from them. Loki, despite his short life our time together tremendously changed my perspective on the world.

I found a fabulous artist Sarah who helped me memorialize my time with Loki. She did a great job bringing all the elements together that represented Loki’s life and personality. I have my fondest memories of him, chasing butterflies in the High Sierra. Thanks so much Sarah!

Checkout the time-lapse of her doing her thing. 3 hours of tattooing in 8 minutes. If you find yourself in the Bay area be sure to hit her up for your latest ink:

Sarah Walsworth
Instagram: @sarahwalsworthtattoo

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