When I first moved into my van, I did not have community. I didn’t know anyone else doing it. I just had an idea and ran with it. Don’t get me wrong, I had some support of a few people who helped me pick and build out the van. I followed people on social media who were in the life or were full time travelers. But I didn’t personally know anyone else in the life. And because if the corporate world I was in at the time, I didn’t really tell many people about my life decision to move into an old news van.

That all changed when I went to the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in Quartzsite, AZ put on by Bob Wells of cheaprvliving.com. There, I was welcomed into a community of “Rubber Trampers” that opened up a whole new world to me. I was no longer alone in my journey. I had people to talk to, people to ask questions about how they do what they do, people with creative minds who gave me ideas on how to build my home.

I’m happy to be a part of this growing community. I’m happy to have met all the people I did there. Some I meet up with from time to time. Some I follow and interact with on social media. I am grateful to be apart of this beautiful and diverse community. And I can’t wait until next year.

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