Spending Time in Seattle with one of my favorite people

There’s nothing quite like exploring a new part of the world you’ve never been to before, be it a new place in the deep woods or a new city. The only thing better would be having your own personal tour guide that knows the area well and can take you to all the secret spots. And the only thing that can top that is that tour guide being someone who’s presence you deeply cherish in your life. Lucky for me that’s exactly what I had.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to shy away from the touristy stuff just because it’s touristy stuff. Yeah, I went up on the Space Needle and yeah, I took lots of photos as well. But I would have never found some of these other amazing places without the help of my significant other. I got to stand on top of a giant troll that lives under a bridge, have a fun jam sesh at the EMP Museum, and had the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had… that also happened to be vegan. I’ll say it again: the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had is VEGAN. Don’t even care if you all don’t believe me. It was seriously the best.
Great trip with a fun person. We definitely don’t do this often together so I’m happy to finally be on a little road trip together.

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