A Little Story of Whiskeytown Lake

So the story of Whiskeytown Lake is like this. Sometime in the early 60s, there was a place called Whiskeytown. There was no lake. Just a little town that sat in a valley. But during that time, the government wanted created a dam that slowly had Whiskeytown filled with water. People moved out of course but the remnants of the town are said to be still below the now giant lake. One needs to only go scuba diving to see it.
To be fair, I didn’t actually do any research on this story. But the way my friend told it, it seems pretty legit, right? :)
My story of Whiskeytown was 4 days with 3 friends, playing on the water, boating and playing with my impulsive purchase of a wind surfing board converted into a paddle board. It’s pretty huge, 12 feet to be exact, which is pretty hilarious if you all knew how tall I am. I’m calling it my house boat. And if I decide to keep it I will most certainly deck it out with all kinds of fun stuff. It can seriously fit a little group of people on it.

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