Exploring The City: Lands End in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco isn’t just a bustling city. It also has a lot of scenic views of the ocean. This video, I was exploring Lands End on the West end of San Francisco. There, you can take a path through the woods that takes you to a great vista point to see the Golden Gate bridge. There’s also the old Sutro Baths area where you could explore the old buildings/pools that were once there, right on the beach, until it burned down in 1966. Lastly, right next to the ruins was a natural tunnel that takes you to a beautiful, up close view of the waves crashing into the rocks! A beautiful site to behold and definitely a must to visit in San Francisco.

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  1. barb says: January 30, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    Also check out the Presidio Hostel. View of the entire bay, golden gate bridge, alcatraz, and angel island.

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