I’ve gone back and forth on getting a pet for a long time. There are many pros and cons to it in a normal living situation. But van life just adds to the list. From what kind of dog to get to how to make a small living space work with another body to how it affects travel plans in the future to how it affects work plans right now. Still with all the (over-) thinking I did on it, getting a pet was still something that I yearned for. I wanted a travel buddy. A partner in crime. Someone I could see grow and enjoy the world…. and was easier than a child. Because, lets be real, I’m not at that stage yet.

I didn’t want to make any rash decisions either. I wanted to find the right pet. One who fit my personality. One who had energy to go out adventuring in the world but also could kick back and relax. This wasn’t gonna be an easy find. I tend to be picky. Well…. at least I thought…

I went to one shelter in Fresno. I saw a cute black lab mix and instantly felt a connection with him. We played and though he was timid at the shelter, I knew he had a big personality once he opened up. I was shocked to find a dog like him so soon. I figured it would take months to find one that I connected with. I didn’t think I’d find one that seems to be just as much of a goofball as I am.

Having him has changed everything in the most positive of ways. Yes, there’s more responsibility. Yes, there’s a budget change and a lifestyle change. But words cannot express how fucking amazing he is and while I spend time in the High Sierra, I cannot tell you how much it makes me laugh to see this guy chase butterflies.

Do you have any pets? How has it changed the way you travel?

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  1. Trevor says: February 27, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    Just discovered your website through Bob’s blog, great article you wrote for him btw. I snowbird/hoop with my pack, two dogs, the 3 of us together total 240 lbs… There are a lot of sacrifices you make having a pet while traveling and living free, but they have hidden rewards as well. For example all those potty breaks make for interesting diversions and side trips that you otherwise wouldn’t take, and sometimes the spot of interest or trail head with the “no dogs allowed” sign is just a crowded tourist trap and you find something way cooler accidently while hiking with dogs.

    Also, you can take pride in knowing that you are giving your dog an awesome lifestyle that most other dogs can only dream of. Having worked as a dog walker, sitter, trainer, etc I can tell that no yard or property, no matter how big or fancy, can give the dog the feeling it gets from a real off leash hike. Dogs get bored with the same walk on the same street or the same old hike… It’s like they get to be as wild as possible while still benefiting from our guidance. From my ezperience nomadic pets are usually pretty darn happy and we’ll adjusted. Good luck with Loki, he looks like a real trickster Coyote!

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