Back to the City Life

I finally decided the city was my next step. And as a Web Developer, there is no better place than San Francisco. This will be an interesting time to be back. Last year when I was here is was under much different circumstances.
A year ago I was living in San Francisco on my company’s dime. Still based in LA, they needed me on a project here in San Francisco. It started out as every other week up in the Bay. That quickly turned into a few days a week, then weeks at a time. Finally, I was moved in corporate housing, a nice apartment in Nob Hill. All meals and expenses were paid for by the company. I essentially, had it made. And although I create and strong bond with all of my talented coworkers and made other amazing friendships here, there was still a deep unhappiness in me that I couldn’t place. And at the time I felt crazy for feeling that way. How could I have all these luxuries and have all these great new people in my life and still not be happy?
A year later, I’m back, living in a van and thoroughly enjoying it. I am reminded of my past unhappiness and how I feel like I’ve done a 180 in that aspect of my life, though many may not understand why. Not sure how long I’ll stay here but it will be fun to reconnect with my friends up here while I figure out some plans.

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